My Highest Level Mastermind for Big Up Levels to Create Your Rich Business + Life.

For the last year, I’ve been running a secret Mastermind with a small group of soul-led entrepreneurs. I rarely talk about it, yet it’s one of the most powerful spaces in my world.

A space to be personally mentored, tap into your big dreams and desires and receive ongoing guidance from someone who’s walked this path and helped thousands of clients create the personal and financial freedom they desire. To no longer have to figure it all out on your own. To have a group of incredible women who will activate and celebrate you.

And mentorship access to me on anything with ongoing direct messaging for continual alignment and momentum along with access to four mastermind calls every month reserved just for you and direct coaching.

Included In The Mastermind:

  Mentorship in Small Group Setting

You'll have direct access to me as your Mentor to create a Rich + Free Business and the support of the most incredible community of fellow entrepreneurs.

 The Coaching Collective

Automatic access to all my courses, programs, anything new I create, additional coaching calls and more in my signature Coaching Collective.

 Ongoing Direct Telegram Coaching

Mastermind clients receive access to my private Mastermind Telegram Group for ongoing personalized coaching with me and masterminding with fellow members.

 Three Mastermind Calls A Month

Exclusive Zoom Calls just for Mastermind clients for ongoing personalized coaching, masterminding and guidance directly over audio or video for continual alignment.

 Access to Exclusive Trainings

I've recorded a series of higher level trainings known as The Immersions for my Mastermind clients, immediately available on your membership site and Mastermind Private Podcast in audio form.

 Personalized Coaching

The Mastermind exists to provide personalized coaching and support where you need it most. This is not a group training program but a high-level coaching experience that meets you where you are.

 Pay In Full to Receive 5 Days of Private Messaging Coaching for Free.

3 Months In The Mastermind:
or $1,888/month x 3

** The Mastermind, just like all of my containers, will grow, evolve and expand and adjustments may be made to make it even more powerful and aligned for all who take part.