This is the year you unlock your destiny...

An Invitation for the Mystic Meant for Millions to Claim It NOW.

It's time to master magic, miracles, money
and s
oul led business.

This is not the work for the masses,
this is the work for the Mystic Unleashed:

Mystic [ mis-tik ]

a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with divine, who believes in the spiritual attainment of truths beyond the intellect.

Unleashed [ uhn-leesht ]

to set loose, run wild, or abandon control of.

The Mystic Unleashed does not follow traditional business or marketing plans, you have a life and a soul of your own and so does your work.

You do not need to be flashy or chase after anyone, but softly speak pure truth with power, leading those who are meant to hear the message to lean in. You are and that is enough.

Your work can sometimes feel elusive and difficult to define, but it is charged with clear powerful transmissions from your highest self, soul, divine, even guides, angels, ascended masters and often comes to you through contemplation, intention and even spontaneous downloads.

Your job is to build containers for the energy, the work to come through and be held and translated into the physical plane. To be one with infinite and bring that energy and message back through your own soul messages and activations, whatever form they may take.

This is not the work for the masses, this is the work for the modern day mystics.

This is for those who are here to:

Know and commune at will with divine

Experience heaven on earth energetically and physically – your version of the luxe life simply because you can, you love allowing creations through, it's easy and you love being a living example of what's possible.

Fully know, understand and embody who you really are as an infinite being having a human experience

Be well resourced without limits – massively and, what appears to others, magically financially prosperous. Not just what you need when you need it, but an empire of wealth and resources at your fingertips is required because you are a master at circulating the frequency of wealth and so it's continually available to you in all forms 

Remember and utilize knowledge from past lives, between incarnations, quantum and/or energetic planes beyond including those we don't see on earth and beyond

Share your truth, knowledge and deep wisdom abundantly without holding back, knowing it is part of their soul purpose, greatest joy and a service to humanity

Do it all for the love of divine and celebration of your soul’s fullest expression -- and because it feels good

As modern day mystics, we believe...

In the ability to commune with divine and know this infinite love anytime, anywhere -- to experience absolute freedom and peace.

That this life is finite but we are infinite.

That we personally designed the key points in our own charts for this lifetime, for both our own soul’s and divine itself's expansion, that provide guiding points while also allowing free will. 

In the ability to safely communicate with energetic and spiritual beings beyond this physical plane that can include (but not limited to) our highest self and soul, ascended masters, guides, angels and light councils.

We are infinite creators, made in the likeness to our own creator, and can therefore have, be and do anything that is soul aligned on the human plane, including but not limited to:
- Generate and grow wealth
- Create art, business, innovation and technology
- Truly have, be and do all that is aligned for us
- Experience our own divinity and live as the sovereign ruler of our own lives

And above all this, we believe in the complete personal freedom of each soul and your right to believe, act and exist in the way that is truly aligned for you with complete honor and respect for your personal choices and beliefs as perfect and aligned for you, and therefore also for the highest of us all, to honor, respect and celebrate.

Those who are meant to access this work are
drawn here as if by magic.

A force of nature is defined as “a mighty natural force which is beyond human control”, but that’s not true. 

You are where heaven and earth meet. You have the ability to master the infinite power within and without, right here and now while in human form.

For almost a decade I’ve been passionate about helping as many as possible truly live free through my work as the Founder and CEO of To Living Free. That work will always be near and dear to my heart and continually available to those on that part of their journey.

But as I mastered truly living free in every area of my life from business to money, body to relationships, it left me with my original goal of freedom of time, money and mindset complete.

I was truly free.

And yet, I wasn’t content because I didn’t realize it at the time but freedom alone isn’t my ultimate desire and goal. I had created freedom on the earthly plane but what I craved was the liberation of communing fully with divine – life, god, infinite itself.

I wanted to know completely who I really am, where I’ve come from, my true work here and connect with something beyond what I could see with my eyes but had glimpsed during moments throughout life, especially while in Superflow.

I know fully for myself that where I come from and where I will go after this lifetime is where I truly live free, but I do not believe I need to die in order to experience this liberation. I know that we incarnate in human form for a reason. And with the awareness of how it all works and being able to intentionally pull back the veil to remember and interact with infinite gives me true freedom in my human form now.

Let me make it even simpler.

Imagine for just a moment how you would feel if you woke up tomorrow morning and suddenly understood the meaning of life, why you’re here, your purpose and could clearly see back before this lifetime as well as where you will return to after.

And not just that, but you suddenly understood how life actually works, how to create anything while in human form by leveraging the powers of both heaven and earth, meaning the physical and the energetic tools that lay at your fingertips. 

Meaning, not only could you completely transform your physical situation including bending time to serve you, master the frequency of wealth so that financial overflow is your norm, adjust your body and physical appearance as you see fit and create absolutely anything you desire from art, to courses, books, businesses and anything in between…

But, you would get to experience all of it from a space of knowing your divinity and being connected directly to infinite and god itself for an elevated perspective around all of it as beautiful experiences you choose to have but that do not define you.

Can you imagine what this would feel like?

As far as I’m concerned this is the purpose of my entire human experience, to truly experience heaven on earth by remembering my divine nature and the fact that I’m one with all of it, all at once and to be a living example.

From here you do not experience any lasting fear, worry or lack of confidence because those emotions make no sense to hold when you remember you’re infinite.

And your absolute love, gratitude, appreciation and joy for this life expands in immeasurable ways as you see this physical incarnation for what it truly is, a brief, beautiful and absolutely exquisite experience that you want to be truly present in for every moment.

This won’t be for everyone and that’s ok. 

But for those who feel the deep soul resonance of YES then I cannot wait to see you fully remember and master who you really are and share this experience of heaven on earth with you.

Shifts Mystic Unleashed Clients Experience...

>> There’s no longer space for drama, feeling down, second guessing or spending any time or energy in these lower energy spaces, this is simply a sign that your mind is leading instead of your soul and you realign with the physical and energetic tools you have at your disposal.

>> There’s no longer space for drama or fear around money, you are embodying your infinite nature in human form, money drama is simply an addiction for those who have not yet remembered who they really are and how money actually works. There's no judgement of this since we live in a universe of free will, but that’s not you and you never feed the addiction again.

>> Divine is available to support you if and when you desire. If you feel alone, doubtful, or any human emotions that are not serving your work, purpose, fullest expression and experience + creation of heaven on earth then you allow yourself to be supported, you allow time and space to be rearranged for you. While also remembering, more than anything, that you have access to this infinite power as well.

>> You have free will, but you no longer use it to create self imposed limitations. 

>> You own your divine nature fully. You allow yourself to be adorned as the sovereign royal of your life but also of your infinite nature. You do not turn down your power in order to make others feel more comfortable, you're here as a living example of heaven on earth, to remind those who are ready to wake up to what they are being called to and who they really are. You allow yourself to have all the gorgeous, divine, opulent, soul level experiences you're called to and desire whether that’s being drenched in precious stones while wearing a crown or spending time in nature, deep in meditation with divine.

>> The idea of it being safe to be you is no longer relevant, once you wake up there is only a slight remembrance of who you were pretending to be, like a role you acted out in a play once, it’s obviously not real and you can’t, nor would you want to, go back.

>> You can tune into divine at will will for the guidance, answers, knowledge and information you need, whenever you need it. Eliminating the requirement for perfect plans or strategies since you always have access to the infinite wealth of universal knowledge at any given moment.

>> You know exactly how to create the containers required to share your work with those who are ready, you know what to price it at because the pricing is simply an energetic key to unlock a different frequency and experience, it has nothing to do with the money itself, and the idea of traditional marketing isn’t relevant because those who are ready to awaken and master this work, work on energetic channels whether they realize it or not, like train tracks that are guiding them to their next destination. They have free will and of course can say no to anything, that’s the only way we’d want it to be and also what ensures only those who are truly all in step through this door. But you don’t need to shout anything, you just be and those who are meant to do this work with you will find you, be led, come across it as if by magic and make the decision on their own.

>> You lead and guide simply by being you, no matter the work you do, but you are a conduit and messenger as much as anything. You feel a charge, a glow, of the amplified power of life if not god itself moving through you as you do your work, with you as the bridge, the chain link and there’s nothing that feels better than that, it’s one of the main reasons you do it. And because this is your path, your way.

And so it is. Amen.

What You'll Receive:

>> A YEAR Immersion Into the Millionaire Version of YOU! <<

 Monthly Mystic Unleashed Transmission + Connection Calls

These are in addition to the other live calls and immersions you'll have access to through the Activations and Intensives and are a space to work more deeply with me and fellow Mystic Unleashed clients.

 Mystic Unleashed Up Level Audios

I regularly share audios exclusive to my highest level clients with our community to help anchor you into your power and ignite a fierce, unstoppable forward motion in you, now.

 Private Mystic Unleashed FB Community

An energetically saturated space to connect with fellow Mystic's Unleashed, tap into your purest essence, access exclusive MU transmission audios, support from Jess and more.

 Automatic access to Everything I Release for the Next YEAR!

I regularly open my signature courses live or create NEW Activations (live immersive group programs) and Intensives (in depth masterclasses) and Mystic Unleashed clients receive automatic + lifetime access to all without needing to sign up

 Instant + Lifetime access to ALL previous Activations and Intensives

 Including instant access to:
>> Money X Business Activation
>> RESONANCE Activation

 Instant + Lifetime access to ALL To Living Free courses and programs

 Including lifetime access to the Get Paid Now Academy live business mastery program and almost 20 courses

 VIP Access to ALL Live Calls Every Month in Activations and Programs

 Including all live calls for current Activations, my 2x monthly live calls for my Get Paid Now Academy business mastery program and any guest expert calls

 A year of powerful expansion, evolution and mastery

VIP access to everything. Nothing off limits.

 Pay In Full BONUS: 60 min Deep Dive Private Intensive!

60 min Deep Dive Private Intensive to use anytime in the next year, included when you pay in full or use funding ($5,000 Value)

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Choose Your Journey:



 Everything listed on this page!

Luxe Light Council


 Everything listed on this page...PLUS:

 Monthly Private Coaching Sessions:
- Quarterly 60 min Intensives
- 30 min Ongoing Sessions

 Unlimited Private Voice + Text Messaging for Massive Up Levels Now

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